Visitor Regulations

The Rock Engraving Park of Grosio was founded with the aim of preservation and valorization of its historical, archeological, architectural and landscape heritage. The park is an open-air museum as well as a research and study centre open to its visitors. In addition to the Italian law about cultural and landscape heritage (Legislative degree 42/2004) the park has a visitor regulation that is listed below.

Visitors must obey the following rules, which serve to protect and preserve the site for future generations.



  • It is forbidden to climb on rock surfaces while wearing shoes.
  • regolamentoIt is forbidden to light fires, picnic, or damage the park equipment.
  • It is forbidden to remove earth, rocks, flowers or plants.
  • It is forbidden to make drawings, casts, rubbings or engage in any other activity which might damage the engraved surfaces.
  • Research work, which is subject to current legislation regarding tutelage, must have prior authorization on behalf of the relevant authorities (Consortium of the Rock Engraving Park of Grosio and the State Authority for Archaeological Heritage of Lombardy for the archaeological heritage.)
  • Photography inside the park is permitted for personal use only. Large-format stills and movie cameras must be left at the entrance. Permission for photography and filming for non-personal use must be obtained from the authorities specified above.Luisito