Mission Statement


The Parco delle Incisioni Rupestri (Rock Engraving Park) is a unique combination of an archaeological, architectural, historical and even landscape heritage of various ages of the Valtellina. The site and its history are not only an important root for local identities, but is also deep-seated in the regional identity of the entire valley. The mandate of the Park is to preserve, study and develop this unique setting, as well as to open it to the public in appropriate educational forms. The Park tries to connect the elements MAN, HISTORY and NATURE. Inside this setting the visitors are invited to participate in “understanding history” and “experiencing nature” in an active way.


The Parco delle Incisioni Rupestri is open to everyone. Especially for visitors who expect kindness, competence and professionalism, but at the same time show respect to the heritage and all the people moving and working inside the Park area. In particular the Park is known as a high recommended destination for families, as well as an institution with a high quality educational program for schools; a program that is closely related to the key issues of the Park.


Carefulness is the main character that we offer to the entire Park; to the cultural and natural heritage as well as to all the visitors. The staff at the Parco delle Incisioni Rupestri works as a team. Competence, colleague-ship and mutual appreciation result in a high personal motivation of the team members. Every employee is covering a clear defined working area and responsibility, whereby communication and information are not just a one-way process. An active exchange of ideas and feedback ensures a culture of vital and open discussion in the entire Park environment.

In the course of time requirements are changing constantly. Therefore the Parco delle Incisioni Rupestri is always ready to discuss these changes in its daily work on the principle of a continuous exchange of views with employees and visitors. The Park as a museum and a place of lifelong learning also supports the employees in their demand of a constant improve of their qualification, which means that the entire Park is well prepared for its future mission and does not risk to get freezed in current conditions.